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Your financial goals and expectations will change throughout your life based on your life events. Our team is here to help you every step of the way. We call upon specialists from various fields so we can tailor our recommendations to help you reach your goals.

We analyze your assets, liabilities, and cash flows (income and expenses) to help you to optimize and align them with your life goals.

Good financial projection is the key to achieving your goals. During this exercise, we will help you target your goals (retirement, buying a cottage, travel, etc.) and plan them on a timeline. The process of using your savings and our recommendations on investing and optimizing tax benefits will help us to determine the best strategy for making your goals a reality.

Our critical, rational approach is proven to help our clients generate healthy returns while reducing volatility whenever possible. We also make sure that the investments chosen for you will give you the best tax benefits by reducing the tax you pay now and in the future.

Our team is also here to target and manage the risks specific to your situation. In case of bad news, your plan will continue working for you to achieve your goals and ensure that your loved ones are taken care of.

After working hard all your life to create your wealth, you want to be certain that it will be passed on to the next generation in accordance with your wishes. With the help of our experts, we ensure that everything is carried out as you planned, by focusing once again on tax optimization.

Proper succession planning for your company will allow you and those close to you to take full advantage of what comes next. With the help of our experts, we ensure that all legal and taxation aspects are optimized.

Whether you manage a foundation, dream of creating one, or simply wish to support a cause you care deeply about, you can depend on our guidance to help you make the right choices. Helping others can be easier than you think.

Our team works closely with our colleagues in this department to offer you compete, personalized banking services.

  1. Financial Planners are authorized to act in the field of Financial Planning. They exercise their duties for National Bank Financial Inc., a financial planning firm.

  2. We work closely with the Taxation, Retirement and Estate Planning Team from National Bank Trust, made up of multidisciplinary experts who provide knowledge and advice that complement our service offering. These experts assist us in providing the best solutions for your personal finances related to taxation, retirement and estate planning.

  3. Insurance products and services are provided by National Bank Insurance Firm (NBIF) or by NBF Financial Services (NBFFS), as applicable. NBIF and NBFFS are not members of Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). Insurance products are not protected by CIPF.

  4. Financing solutions are subject to credit approval by National bank.

  5. For details and conditions of the offer, please contact your advisor.

Our approach

We consider managing your portfolio and planning your finances and risk tolerance profile to be closely related. We therefore provide you with personalized advice that includes solutions focused on income and growth.

We don’t just want to help you achieve your goals. We also want to give you peace of mind so you can enjoy doing what you love to do!

Our approach in 6 steps:

Target your goals


Optimize your tax benefits

Optimize your investments

Be sure your wealth is protected

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