Paiement Wealth Management

Investing in you and your future


Being able to look to the future with optimism and putting together a balanced action plan that will allow you to enjoy a world of unlimited possibilities, that’s what we want for you.

Paiement Wealth Management represents experience, commitment and the perfect balance to help you manage your wealth
at every stage of your life. 


Our experienced team members and associates are part of one of the largest financial groups in the country.


Our passionate team and support staff are committed to being creative and innovative to offer you comprehensive investment solutions.


Our team has two generations of advisors focused on a single goal: offering you our expertise and our pledge to work for you.

We are a family of entrepreneurs, a family of advisors who want nothing more than to see you enjoy financial success.
Because when you succeed, we succeed.

Our expertise is our strength

In addition to our comprehensive wealth management offer, our team has developed expertise with condo owners and young investors.

Investment solutions for condominiums

Are you a condo owner or real estate manager?

We have developed expertise in the proper management of contingency funds and we are committed to helping you follow best practices for managing your contingency fund. 

Young investors

We’re a family of entrepreneurs working for young investors.

Whether you’re a future entrepreneur or investor, you can count on our passion, creativity and support to make your dreams come true.

Honours and distinctions

Every year, National Bank Financial – Wealth Management acknowledges the accomplishments of various excellent advisors and their teams at the regional and national level.

The Paiement Wealth Management team is proud to have earned honours on several occasions. 

  • 2021: Team of the Year, Montreal
  • 2019: Wealth Advisor of the Year, Serge Paiement, Montreal
  • 2019: Social Responsibility, Montreal

Our team is very proud of Andrée-Anne and Paul-Michael, who received Synergy awards.

2021 Honorable Mention, Andrée-Anne Paiement and Paul-Michael De Petrillo
2020 Recipient, Andrée-Anne Paiement

This distinction is awarded to showcase the excellence of the complete service we offer our clients together with the extensive network available to help you with all the financial aspects of your life. We firmly believe that putting all of our networks to work for everyone creates exceptional synergy.

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