Jean Martel

Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager

An irreplaceable financial advisor; this is the mission that Jean Martel has been pursuing for over 20 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Concordia University, as well as the title of Chartered Investment Manager (CIM).

Jean Martel has accumulated an extremely diverse expertise over the course of his career, this have given him an in-depth knowledge of the tendencies and fluctuations of the markets. A rigorous yet conservative management style has allowed him to offer a superior service to his clients; providing consistent earnings while still managing risk.

Backed by one of the most solid financial institutions in the country, Mr. Martel has the necessary expertise to advise you in all aspects of wealth management. Aided by a group of experts that can satisfy your every need, Jean will help you personally develop the best strategies to magnify your wealth, all while protecting your assets.

On top of a personalized service, his clients will benefit from state-of-the-art technology and an offer of products and services among the most innovative in the industry.