Jean-Pierre Gélinas, CFA

Senior Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager

Passionate about sports with a degree from McGill University in communications, I was planning a career as a sports journalist until I met the field of business and finance. So, I branched off and in the spring of 1987 I experienced an eventful period having started my career at Lévesque Beaubien and met my future wife in the same week !

In short, still in the same firm and married to the mother of our children, we can say that stability and consistency are two outstanding elements in my career and my personal life.

Over the years, I obtained the title of chartered financial analyst ( CFA ) in the portfolio management department of our firm, before becoming an investment advisor and branch manager in Laval for 5 years.
As portfolio manager, we launched our own private Portfolio in 2003 to offer our clients the benefits of discretionary management with quality securities focused on long-term capital growth.

Avid reader, constantly on the lookout for new investment opportunities and marveling at the possibilities offered by new technologies, my expertise goes well beyond investments because, as a big fan of the Apple ecosystem, I am occasionally a reference on everything related to the products and services of this company, having even attended an annual shareholders meeting in California.

When I'm not busy scouting for investment opportunities, I golf, cycle and take long walks. Father of three sons, I was also actively involved as a football coach for several years.

In order to discover new horizons as a travel and sports lover, I combine the two annually to attend football and baseball games outside the province.

Great music enthusiast, I love listening to artist of all types and also practice the drums to relax and unwind. Finally, in order to learn a third language, I regularly watch a variety of Spanish films with subtitles.