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We are the Vinet Group of National Bank Financial - Wealth Management

Our mission : Manage the word's most important investments: yours!

As your financial needs evolve over time, you need different solutions depending on your life stage. This is especially important when you want to build the financial wealth you need to carry out the projects that matter most to you. We understand this and can help you.

Every member of the National Bank Financial – Wealth Management team can rely on more than a century of know-how and the resources of one of Canada’s largest financial groups. We have both the expertise and there sources to help you build and manage the assets you need to reach your goals.

We offer a personalized approach and a customized investment portfolio. We also recommend complementary financial products and services in order to meet all of your financial needs.

If you have questions or want more information, feel free to contact us by phone at (514) 390-3339 or by email at .

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Our purpose

Our objectives

As your partner in financial success, we're here to support you with all your investment goals. You can count on our help to make your money work for you.

Our values

We're committed to honesty, integrity and excellence. Our comprehensive financial planning service and personalized solutions will provide you with peace of mind. 

What makes us stand out

Our clients greatly appreciate our dedicated advice and support.

You can always count on:

  • Our commitment to helping you achieve your goals
  • Our approach
  • Our integrity
  • Our professionalism
  • Our transparency about the compensation we receive

Prizes and Awards

2015-2016 National Recognition of Excellence Award – Recruit of the Year

2016 Regional Recognition of Excellence Award – Best Asset Growth

2016 Regional Recognition of Excellence Award – Recruit of the Year

2014 National Recognition of Excellence Finalist – Recruit of the Year

2021 Regional Awards of Excellence – Wealth Management

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