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We value most the strong relationships we have built with each of our clients.

Those relationships are built on our core principles of trust, clarity and heart.   


Our team works hard to ensure that clients know we are always available to support them in achieving their wealth management goals. It is about clients first – always.


Our team strives to ensure clients know exactly what we are doing, how we are doing it, what we are aiming to achieve with them, and that we have an open understanding of what clients need for their success.


Our team is a group of passionate, client-focused, community-minded, solution-oriented professionals.

Our team values the importance of offering clarity by sharing up-to-date news and information.

Honours and Distinctions

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Martin Gagnon speaks with Stéfane Marion to answer your many questions on the impacts of COVID-19 on markets and the global economy.

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Paperwork isn’t exactly an enthralling topic, or something that’s top of mind every day. But ensuring your most important documents are safe and easily accessible can give you critical peace of mind — and help you keep your financial affairs in order.

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Social media is a perfect tool for keeping in touch with family and finding a job. But these platforms, full of personal details on millions upon millions of users across the world, are also a favourite for fraudsters. Here are the social media scams to avoid and some tips on keeping cybercriminals away.

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