Clear Lake Wealth Management

Clarity Comfort Confidence

Personalized Approach

We offer individuals and families personalized wealth management, including financial, estate & tax planning, and insurance solutions.  This personalized financial advice provides clarity to the situations faced by our clients in a manner that is comfortable to them and leaves them feeling confident about their financial goals and personal situation.  Our service offerings are backed by years of experience and supported by partnerships with industry leaders.

Who do we serve and why do business with us:

We serve families who are seeking clarity, comfort and confidence from their wealth management team.  We are committed to following through with our clients’ customized plans and treating each relationship individually.  We believe our approach is unique in this industry.

How we do what we do:

Our objectives

  • We take time to understand your situation and get to know what is important to you and your family.
  • We formulate a personalized plan for you and your situation.
  • We implement and prioritize the plan.
  • We monitor and adapt the plan and investments based on the market and your changing needs.

Our values

We're committed to honesty, integrity and excellence. Our comprehensive financial planning service and personalized solutions will provide you with peace of mind. 


Who we are:

At National Bank Financial, we are bank owned but not bank lead. We have access to the resources of a large bank and the objectivity to provide access to the best third-party money managers in the industry. This allows us to choose the right products for your situation with no incentive to promote any specific product. This all-encompassing advice comes with the most accessible family pricing package in the industry.

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