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Core Philosophy

Complete Financial Planning

Being guided by a financial road map can be reassuring, and free one to concentrate on the important obligations that come with career and family. My own training and experience is combined with the expertise of professionals from a variety of disciplines to develop an optimal allocation of available resources, while keeping the flexibility needed to adapt to life’s unexpected events.

Should you prioritize contributions to an RRSP, RESP, TFSA or RDSP? How much insurance should you buy, and what kind? When is the ideal time to begin receiving retirement income from your portfolio, and via which accounts? How do you take into consideration employer or government plans? What are the tax consequences of each option? Searching for answers to these questions can be quite daunting, especially if one receives conflicting advice from different professionals. My clients benefit from the fact that I am fully licensed in all investment and insurance products, thus enabling me to provide unbiased advice in building a fundamentally sound financial plan. This extends to coordinating my efforts with a client's accountant, banker or notary to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Value Investing

Invented by Columbia University's Ben Graham and popularized by famed investor Warren Buffett, value investing is the process of identifying undervalued high quality stocks. The goal is to find inefficiencies in the market created by human psychology and institutional biases, and then learning to accept that market volatility is an inescapable part of investing. Advocates of value investing especially frown on market timing or chasing hot sectors, believing that such approaches are fraught with immeasurable uncertainty and risk. Whether I am building portfolios using stocks, bonds or mutual funds, I am guided by these principles.

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