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Shik Patel, Sheean Patel and the Patel Wealth team are a team of experienced financial professionals, specializing in financial planning, estate planning, portfolio management, residential and commercial lending, banking and insurance. Our team develops and implements customized solutions for individuals, families and business owners, with the objective of protecting, growing and transferring wealth over multiple generations. We simplify wealth management for you so you can devote your time to your business, your family, and other pursuits.

Our offer:

  • The highest quality financial, investment and estate planning advice
  • Personalized financial advice tailored specific to each persons individual situation.
  • Strategies designed to help you gather, grow, protect and pass on wealth in a tax efficient manner.
  • Solutions designed with your future in mind, always.
  • Service that exceeds expectations.

More and more clients are choosing the Patel Wealth Management Group to manage their wealth.

What our clients say

Retired Partner, Hamilton, ON

Long ago, I was newly married and started making decent income for the first time. At that point I had to start thinking about saving for retirement. I wanted my money to make money on its own, while saving for retirement in a tax-efficient manner. Shik was recommended to me by a friend in a similar situation. As someone with a financial background, I felt confident that I was able to reach my financial goals with the help of Patel Wealth.

I get monthly statements sent to me, newsletters, semi-annual reports and regular access to meetings with the Patel's regarding my investments. I feel as though I am well informed; and that Shik and Sheean's doors are always open.

I am now retired, and would consider myself to be “financially comfortable”. I cannot picture this state changing, either – thanks to Shik’s help over the past 20 years. You are in good hands with The Patel Wealth Mangement Group!

Team Lead, Hamilton, ON

At first, I did not understand specific features about my investment vehicles, such as my RRSP and TSFA, and if the investments were conducive to my conservative way of thinking while still earning a considerable return on my investments. I felt scared and uncertain that I may not have enough money to live on after retirement. After working with Shik and Sheean, I felt more confident that I had a better understanding and knowledgebase about my investments.  They were able to really explain what I needed to change in my portfolio in order to meet my personal financial goals and they did so using plain English and real life examples that was not only relatable but easier to understand.

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