In the Wealth Management industry for 24 years and early mentorship at Merrill Lynch Canada, Nick has spent the majority of his career with National Bank Financial joining the firm in 2002.

Nick is a proud father of 4 amazing children; Luka (16), Marlo (14), Nadine (14), and his baby Nevan (10). His greatest passion is spending as much time as he possibly can with his children, most of which finds him coaching his 3 boys in hockey and cheering on his daughter from the court sidelines at volleyball.

Over the years, Nick has been active in the Springbank Hill Association and involved in various charity events, primarily in the support of the Alberta Children’s Hospital.  Given any rare opportunity where he has time to himself Nick enjoys skiing, fishing and golfing - again, ideally with his family.  Lastly, Nick is an avid lover of the Edmonton Oilers, his favorite band is U2, and he embraces everything Croatian!