Wong & Mak Wealth Management Team

Partnering with you to achieve your life goals with peace of mind

Guiding and helping you during key moments of your life

  • We are here to help you define your life goals , your dreams and answer the most fundamental question: “AM I Ok?”
  • Single point of contact for all your financial needs
  • Holistic and personalized coaching to help you achieve your financial needs, objectives, and dreams
  • Regular or as-needed follow up of your financial plan for a comprehensive view of your financial situation
  • Unwavering support to stay on track in times of volatility

Our Approach

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  • Our commitment to your success is founded on a partnership that stands the test of time
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Life Goals

  • We listen and understand your dreams, goals and concerns in your life
  • We accompany you to manage financial events, positive or negative, that you experience
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Peace of Mind

  • We work to mitigate any stresses with our holistic wealth management approach. Our ultimate goal is to enable you and your family to focus on what matters most


We want to be your partner at every stage of your life.  It is a partnership that stands the test of time and that works towards your success.


We take care of you and your family. We treasure the relationship of every single member of your family. In the past, we have had success in helping clients save for their children's education and develop strategies to pass on wealth from grandparents to grandchildren. We help the younger generation start saving for their various life goals.

Peace of mind

We will walk with you to achieve your life goals. You will be kept in the loop. Markets are uncertain but we will remove that stress for you with our holistic wealth management approach. The ultimate goal is to let you and your family focus on what matters most.

What our clients are saying

“I had some experience and knowledge in investing and I knew what I wanted in regard to appointing my own financial advisor.
I wanted someone that was professionally qualified and had experience with investments, someone who would listen to me and understood my objectives, someone who was knowledgeable, someone who would diligently carry out the works as laid out in meetings and most importantly someone who was ethical. Mani Wong and her team have satisfied all these criteria.

Over the years I have seen few major crises in the financial market and every time my financial position would recover quickly and eventually emerge stronger than it was before the crises. I would like to express my thanks for the work you and your team have done for the past years. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone with complete trust.”

~ Roland (client since 1998)

"We have known Mani and Hugo for a long time, over 10+  years, when they were still with HSBC Financial. We are extremely happy with their dedication and professionalism especially the way they explain and handle our various portfolios. The Quarterly reviews and get together are helpful. Not only do we have a chance to see how we did in the past quarter, what they would recommend for the future as well get to know the team better.

As such, we not only clients but friends.

We have no reservation in recommending others to join the team.

Before closing, we would like to add that their Associate, Zoe is extremely efficiency and helpful in getting us any needed information.

Truly, they are a good team to be with."


~ Alfred/Ivy Lam

"My relationship with Mani and Hugo began at the end of 2011 when they won me over from another organization.  What stands out with this team is that they never take my business for granted.  They always put my needs as first and foremost and they initiate meetings or calls to gauge any changes.  I totally trust their integrity and professional judgement and have been very happy with the results."

~ Margaret Chin

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