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Our team is made up of highly qualified investment professionals with many years of experience in wealth management.

We leverage the expertise of all team members to ensure our clients get the best possible financial management advice.

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Our Process

Our philosophical and practical approach is to focus on the investment process vs investment products. We believe success in investing is achieved primarily through staying disciplined and firmly committed to tried and tested investment processes that have proven to work through countless market cycles. Our greatest offering is arguably not a product or a service; it’s providing peace-of-mind!

The Riedl Group prides itself on building long-term trusted relationships with clients through regular and direct contact to keep clients informed of market conditions and their financial progress.  The Riedl Group believes that this insightful communication and sophisticated investment process, combined with a wealth plan, serves to inspire confidence within our clients, when they need it most. Simply put, our team’s mission is:

Inspiring Confidence in Uncertain Times”

Our Investment Approach

The Riedl Group employs a top-down investment strategy process. We start with a strategic asset allocation consistent with the client’s risk and financial objectives. We make tactical adjustments based on prevailing market conditions.

We then examine segments within each assets class (e.g. Industry sector, market capitalization geography, credit quality, and duration) and decide whether to overweight or underweight specific segments relative to the appropriate benchmarks or indices.

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