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Whether you know a little or a lot about investing, we can help you make wise investment decisions.

The Dahms Wealth Management Group is a team comprised of investment professionals lead by Jeremy Dahms. Our role is to help you with your financial objectives, while observing your unique lifestyle and risk tolerance. To this end, we focus our time and energy on getting to know you: where you are now and where you want to be. Then we build a wealth management program just for you. Our holistic approach to asset allocation and diversified investing helps us to identify opportunities and weather unpredictability within the market. We guide your investment choices and provide personalized retirement planning, estate planning and insurance through our in-house estate and insurance advisors. For clients who prefer a more hands-off approach, we also offer discretionary portfolio management services through National's Ambassador programs.

What are clients are saying about us

“We sleep nights even through times like these because of our trust in your market knowledge.”

T & S 

“I appreciate all your efforts in handling my accounts, and your ensuring maximum efficiency in all the transactions. This has been the case since I began my association with your Team, and I look forward to many more years together.”


"Thank you for meeting with me this morning to discuss my financial retirement. Your expertise in this area is invaluable to me. I am extremely happy that you did not "sugar coat" my worst case prediction. I totally felt we were on the same page, because I am a realist. Sometimes I don't want to hear the HARD facts, but in this case you were perfect. Because of your expertise, I have full faith in you and your advice, which I will take wholeheartedly. I feel I am on track with my financial well being and you have put me at ease to go forward with new knowledge and insight. Thank you for all your hard work and kind efforts on my behalf."


"We have been very happy clients of Jeremy Dahms since 2005 after moving to him after much due diligence. Jeremy's investment philosophy and approach with us has set us on a confident path to wealth management that will serve us well into retirement. He takes the time to share his rationale for each investment recommendation in a way that instills confidence and lets us sleep at night knowing that he helps us manage our investments like they were his. We look forward to a partnership with Jeremy for many more years."

M & N

“I really appreciate the thorough research they do on any recommended investments they make for me. I find the candid and open comments on portfolio management and strategy they give me to be most beneficial in guiding the returns on investments I receive under their direction.”


“When I am uncertain about my choices or decisions, I will either call or email Jeremy and he is always willing to explain my options and what is in my best interest… He always has time and he is always listening to what you, the client wants. He has always respected my feelings and he makes it simple for me to understand and I find that very comforting when I have to make my decisions." 


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