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What Makes Dahms Wealth Management Different

Our approach to investing starts with you. We have a strong desire to help you succeed. That’s why we spend the time necessary to get to know you and then carefully formulate a portfolio that is specific and unique to your needs. We are positive, realistic and intensely dedicated to what we do and the people for whom we do it. Our word is our bond, and we make good on our commitments, always trying to exceed your expectations. Regardless of market conditions, we always have a strategy to protect your interests.

How We Do It

Ours is a stimulating and challenging industry that requires precision, focus and a disciplined work ethic. The economy, global affairs and local events all affect the ebb and flow of the stock and bond markets. We devote a significant portion of every day to researching and understanding these events. We then bring our experience and expertise to bear by making investment recommendations geared toward meeting your specific objectives.

In addition to guiding you in your wealth management strategy, we invest a great deal of time in cultivating and keeping open the lines of communication. We are committed to being available to you. We’ll be there to counsel you on your options and pinpoint opportunities. A member of Jeremy’s team is always just a phone call away. Our philosophy is simple: it’s all about you!

Our Purpose

Our teams sole purpose is to have a positive impact in our clients lives. We believe being patient and acquiring high-quality investments coupled with a sound financial plan are the keys to long-term financial success.

Our clients are people who understand the value of expert advice to help manage their wealth, and seek our counsel to maximize opportunities and minimize risk. Our clients include working and retired investors who have accumulated wealth through disciplined savings and/or inheritance, small business owners who have sold their assets, farmers and ranchers, principals of publicly traded companies; and charitable organizations with foundations and/or endowment funds. We serve the friends, family and business partners of our clients — people referred to us by our clients because we have earned their trust and respect. We serve people like you, who have the wisdom to recognize that managing one’s wealth requires a high degree of experience, dedication and commitment. 




The Taxation, Retirement and Estate Planning Team National Bank Trust

We work closely with this team of multidisciplinary experts who provide knowledge and advice that complement our service offering . These experts assist us in providing the best solutions for your personal finances related to taxation, retirement and estate planning.

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