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Taking the guest work out of the financial maze

With 35+ years’ experience in helping clients to secure their financial future, we know a thing or two about investments. And it’s more than that; our proven approach provides rewarding results to our clients, regardless of their life-stage, or the uniqueness of their individual requirements. We take the guesswork out of financial planning and provide clients with all the information needed to make the right decisions, so that they can focus on what they need to do... and watch their portfolio grow. Our financial philosophy is based in our brand tenets; Insight, Diligence, and Care.

Responsible Investment Specialist (RIS) Certification

This certification provides investment professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to discuss environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and offer advice about retail RI products in Canada.

Albert Brandstatter RIS Designation


Albert’s combination of experience and intuition make the difference. It’s the expertise gleaned over a 35-year career that enables Albert to understand the financial situation of his clients, provide the visionary knowledge that enables them to make the right decisions, then deliver the best solutions to achieve their objectives. His approach is proven… and Albert will take the time to provide evidence of his personal successes.


Albert's diligence in the management of his clients' portfolios was established through his meticulous management of his own family’s wealth. His industrious concentration and effort have earned him reputational success and the endorsements of his clients, a wealth that he endeavors to share with esteemed others.


It’s a two-way street. As a team, Albert and his Wealth Associate of over 25 plus years, Rhonda have learned that the care provided to their clients establishes trust and lasting relationships. The proof of their care is in the value of those relationships; they strive for the optimal return on your investment and earn absolute trust. And they deliver on all their promises. Period.

Our Values

  • Don’t just work, work to be REALLY GOOD
  • Be RESPONSIVE to our clients and earn their trust
  • Keep our WORD


Honours and distinctions

Our commitment and dedication have been awarded by our peers at National Bank Financial - Wealth Management:

2022 Best in Province - Canada’s Top Wealth Advisors, Ontario Region, Albert Brandstatter

2021 - Social Commitment, Ontario region

2020 - Social Commitment, National winner

2019 - Best Asset Growth, Ontario region 

2010 - Advisor of the Year, National winner, Albert Brandstatter 


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