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I have known Al for several years, and the more I learn about him, the more I like him, and enjoy his friendship and company. I know that I can trust Al, and I like the fact that he has been in the business for many years and has gained much expertise in successful investing. He has listened to my concerns and expectations and knows my comfort levels as well.


Al and I talk often, and when he makes recommendations, I know that they have been well thought out, as he monitors the portfolio constantly. His advice has been most helpful and comforting. Al has been by far the best advisor that I have worked with in terms of results and the comfort I have in the game plan that he has mapped out. He is now my only advisor and has been for the past eight years.


I would recommend Al to anyone because I can assure, he is honest, thoughtful, and really cares for each of his clients. He would never do anything but his best, and that is all that can be asked of anyone that is trustworthy, reliable, and experienced.


~ Paul Henderson

Team Canada, 1972



Albert Brandstatter (Class of ’79) has been actively involved with various alumni projects for over 20 years and, since 2004, as a board member of the St. Michael’s College High School Foundation’s investment committee. With Albert’s involvement in the school’s finances, his more than 25-year-tenure in the investment industry, and his commitment to a standard of insight, diligence, and care, St. Michael’s is confident and proud to endorse one of our former students to provide you with prudent investment counsel.


~ St. Michael’s College School

1515 Bathurst Street, Toronto



The following is a testimonial given by a client whom we recommended to Marie Claude Blanchet, Hon. B. Comm, CFP, R.F.P., CIM, FCSI | Senior Advisor. Marie is a financial planner for National Bank.

Hi Albert, we were so very impressed with Marie’s amazing work, professionalism, and her approach to our portfolio. Her summary paints a very realistic and positive picture for our financial security for the next 30 years. This would not have happened without your recommendation and support. We are very grateful. These are very exciting times for Laurie and I as we approach having both of us in retirement and we value your ongoing support, expertise, and guidance. success.


~ Gord & Laurie

Ottawa, Ontario



Albert, Congratulations for the achievement of the 2019 Awards of Excellence “Best Asset Growth” within National Bank. You certainly deserve such honour. I am just a very small investor and am greatly proud to have you as my investment advisor. Again, congratulations and best wishes for your continuous success.


~ Joseph

Oakville, Ontario



Albert, I want to extend my congratulations to you on your latest recognition for excellence in asset management and growth; it's nice to know that I am in good hands - thanks for all that you do. Cheers!


~ Scott



Albert Brandstatter has worked with us as a member of our pension involvement committee for the past 20 years. During that time, he has provided valuable insight into different investment strategies and assisted the committee in making profitable long-term decisions while maintaining our socially responsible guidelines and concern for the environment. We have also come to know him as a person of integrity who is dedicated to his family and concerned for the welfare of his community and of the world.


~ Sr. Gertrud Dederichs Chair, Pension Fund Investment Committee

Medical Mission Sisters



Congrats Al upon receiving a terrific award... Having reaped the benefits of your work over the years Margaret and I want to thank you sincerely. We also want to thank Rhonda who we are sure made a significant contribution.


~ John & Margaret

Mississauga, Ontario



Congratulations Al on your receiving of the National Award for "Social Commitment." We have followed some of your past work in the community, the book drives and pro-bono service for Catholic nuns worldwide, and we are sure that this hardly scratches the surface of what you have accomplished. This kind of service is exemplary and so important in these times when the need to support one another is so obvious. It is heartening to know that we have someone like you as our financial advisor.


With Kind regards,

~ Lloyd & Shu-ning

Calgary, Alberta



Regarding his latest accomplishment, I feel so fortunate to have Al handling my money. I cannot thank him enough for increasing my wealth so brilliantly despite the downturns in the market. Lately, I have had two approaches to change my portfolio. I just rhyme off his awards. Game over! Thank you, thank you, and heartiest congratulations.


~ Phyllis

Toronto, Ontario



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