Jeff Wiebe Treasury Advisory Team

Our expert team is here to meet your financial needs.

Among the top wealth management teams in Canada

We are a unique Team within Canada. We specialize in servicing corporate and municipal short term cash management needs.

We provide value by offering USD & CAD deposit products with strong credit rating and competitive yield. 

What separates our team from typical banking managers is that we treat corporate cash management with the highest service levels, typically reserved for ultra-high net worth individuals.  

What we do

Client Service Philosophy

At National Bank, we are committed to providing sound advice to protect and enhance our clients' cash portfolios. We take the guesswork out of your investment decisions and provide you with solutions that fit within your investment policy. 

Improve your return on cash without compromising security.

Frequently asked questions

Which currencies does the Treasury Advisors group manage?

We manage both CAD and USD funds for our clients. 

How long does the account opening process take?

Depending on the complexity of your organizations structure it can take between 2-5 business days.

Does National Bank offer online access so I can see my accounts?

Yes.  You will have online access to see your holdings, transactions, statements, and trade confirmations. 

What is your management fee?
We believe in complete transparency and will disclose our fees to you.  Rates that we propose to our clients are always net of fees.

What is the ideal client of the Treasury Advisors Group?

Our ideal client is risk averse and either a corporation, municipality, university, or charitable organization looking to earn a higher yield on cash and investments. 

Where can I view documents related to, among others, credit ratings, regulatory capital, and senior debt? 

View all of the reports from National Bank here.

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