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Meet Wealth Advisor Viola Van De Ruyt

By asking questions you learn.

By learning you gain control of your money.

When you gain control of your money you feel more confident in your life.


Confident Women Seminars - open to all women

  • Discover your financial purpose
  • Clarify your ideal lifestyle
  • Uncover what you want and need

Our purpose

We strive to create an environment where women feel safe and encouraged to build their confidence in making wise financial decisions on the path to the life they envision.

Will I be ok?

Most of the women referred to us are highly responsible women, they lead busy lives engaged in careers and community. They are trying to do the right thing for themselves and their family. 

When a crisis hits such as a divorce, death of a spouse, family illness, or have inherited wealth – they all struggle with the same three concerns.

  • Will my lifestyle change?  
  • Will I run out of money? 
  • How can I feel more confident with the decisions I make? 

Our personalized women’s experience

Based on the core issues and concerns that many women face when it comes to their money we have designed a unique process that enhances the experience for women and their ability to become more confident in making smart decisions with their financial life.

By working together we will

Develop your Life by Design Plan

Together we will create the path toward the vision of the life you truly want to live.

Incorporate our Balanced Investment Strategy

Understanding what you have and why is a critical component to accomplishing what matters most to your future.

Participate in our Confident Women’s Program

Be inspired, empowered, educated, and prepared for life’s opportunities as well as its inevitable challenges.

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