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Our unique women’s experience

Our unique women’s experience

Based on the core issues and concerns that many women face when it comes to their money, we have designed a unique process that enhances the experience for women and their ability to become more confident in making smart decisions with their financial life. 


Female Focused - Male Friendly

By working together we will

Two hands holding pieces of jigsaw puzzles.

Develop your Life by Design Plan. 

This vision provides a clear path to creating the life you truly want to live.

We will:

  • Clarify your priorities
  • Define your lifestyle
  • Review your options and resources
  • Design your path forward

Incorporate our Balanced Investment Strategy

Understanding what you have and why is a critical component to accomplishing what matters most to your future.

Building around your needs for:

  • Safety
  • Income
  • Stable Growth
  • Accelerated Growth
  • Emergency money
A woman holding three stones in her palm representing a balanced investment strategy.
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Participate in our Confident Women’s Program

This program is designed to inspire, empower, educate, and prepare you for life’s opportunities as well as its inevitable challenges. 

  • Interactive Workshops
  • Engaging Events
  • Inspiring & Educational Communication
  • Confidence Club
  • Annual Celebration

Why Women?

To create an environment where women feel safe, encouraged and build their confidence

Viola’s Story

I am often asked what motivated me to focus my practice on the needs of women, here’s my story: 

I was born an entrepreneur, at age four I decorated clam shells and sold them door to door, at 10 I sold greeting cards, by 14 I was babysitting and at 16 I started teaching music.  

While I was great at working and earning, I just accepted what I was paid and was afraid to ask questions. It was this entrepreneurial spirit that led me to a career in the financial industry. 

On my path to becoming an Advisor I was often still afraid to ask questions, but learned to boldly challenge the advice from others by asking questions until I understood the decisions I was making. This lead me to a confidence I never knew I had.  

That’s why my passion as a Wealth Advisor is encouraging every woman to ask questions, face their fears, and embrace their financial life so that they too can go from a feeling of uncertainty to that wonderful place of feeling confident.  

That’s why I do what I do.

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