Kristen Ricci

Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager

The Marbach Wealth Management team has been providing personalized wealth management solutions for a select group of individuals and families for nearly three decades. The team focuses on managing wealth with the use of multi-generational planning. Kristen represents planning towards the long term sustainability of the team itself. Kristen is Joyce's daughter who joined the Marbach Wealth Management Team in 2011 after completing her Bachelor of Administration degree.

Since then she has completed a number of industry related courses, now holding the Chartered Investment Manager's designation (CIM) and  CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER designation (CFP).  In addition, she is a Portfolio Manager and can provide advice on life insurance.

Kristen's strength is in not only embracing formal education, but having a strong mentor in the form of Joyce and, for that matter, the entire Marbach Wealth Management team. Her ability to take this and incorporate it into today's changing work place and investment field is important to the long term viability of the Marbach Wealth Management team. Her interest in helping others reach their financial goals through the extensive use of all the tools available within the wealth management process bodes well for clients looking for the expertise required in wealth management and multi-generational planning for years to come.

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