Yanik Giroux

Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager

Yanik Giroux began his career in the banking industry in 1998. He has worked in various key positions during his 23-year career with well-known Canadian banks. He has occupied several senior management roles and has managed large financial holdings. His understanding of public and private companies allows him to make informed investment choices for both wealthy families and entrepreneurs. Mr. Giroux's extensive experience in risk management also enables him to make rigorous selections of the best investments in terms of risk/return in portfolio management. His primary goal is to preserve his clients' wealth and grow it in a sound manner based on each client's specific objectives and needs.

Mr. Giroux has a unique understanding of the needs of high-net-worth clients and business owners. He understands all aspects of wealth management and knows how to surround himself with competent experts when necessary. He is comfortable in areas related to taxation, financial and estate planning, real estate, business transfers and business financing.

In order to offer an integrated approach to wealth management for wealthy families and corporate clients, Mr. Giroux decided to join National Bank Financial.