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Personalized support

Here at Bobkowicz Advisory Team, we work towards planning your future and maximizing the value of your assets. Our approach is tailored for every client as we believe everyone's needs are different. There is a four step process of planning your future, which starts with understanding your needs. We then plan according to your objectives, we take action and finally, we monitor your plan during the course of your life. What's important is that you know yourself, your needs and your desires. It starts with you.

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Our Commitment to You

To proactively establish strategies through active listening to create wealth and offer peace of mind. We focus on your personal needs and your investment objectives.

We work with you, as a team, to understand your priorities, and adapt to your evolving needs and those of your family.

We will review regularly, to keep your plan on track. We will listen and understand your needs as they arise throughout your lifetime and as your risk tolerance evolves.

We will offer you all of National Bank's resources.

Our niche

We pride ourselves in actively helping independent, successful women plan their Financial futures and those of their families. We believe successful women need to find a strong partner with whom to grow their assets. Finding the right fit for you is the key to your financial success. We also pride ourselves in helping entrepreneurs, independent thinkers and family centered individuals achieve financial success.

Your Commitment to Us

  • To prioritize the planning of your Financial future.
  • To meet with us and address any concerns you may have.
  • To make us aware of your big life events.

As a Wealth Advisor at National Bank Financial Wealth Management, Andrea Bobkowicz believes an essential part of providing clients peace of mind is listening attentively to their needs and investment objectives. She strives to minimize her client's taxes and structures strategies for them through sound advice, focusing on their success by tailoring investment processes as guidelines for decision making. Versatile and dynamic, she and her team are committed to providing counsel that puts investors at ease.


Andrea T. Bobkowicz

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