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Welcome to Ternion Wealth Management 

Ternion has a wealth of expertise and incorporates a holistic approach to wealth management. Our goal is to align your interests with our strategies to manage your wealth effectively. We provide a framework of wealth management that encompasses discretionary portfolio management, financial & estate planning and solidify that with authentic, deep client centric relationships. Every client has a set of unique, specific wants and needs. Our job is to get to know you, discover those specific needs and provide trusted financial advice.

ternion [tur-nee-uhn]

noun: a set of three: TRIAD, TRIO

Reflecting our wealth management as:

  • Prudent and disciplined discretionary money management.
  • Proprietary data base collecting historial metrics for our Universe of Companies.
  • Clients own individual securities, portfolios are managed directly by Portfolio Manager and not outsourced to third party managers.
  • Macro lens view guide market cycles and sector selections combined with bottom-up approach used in fundamental security analysis for selection process of individual companies.

  • Discovery of your financial and lifestyle goals, understanding what's important to you.
  • We work together to devise a financial road map to support our wealth management strategy.
  • Estate planning is a key aspect in ensuring your wishes are met, intergenerational wealth transfer.
  • Effective tax and insurance planning are key components in managing wealth.

  • Truly understanding what's important to you is a key driver in our approach.
  • Building trust through sound financial advice comes from learning and listening to our clients.
  • We connect with our clients in so many areas through their life journeys like marriage, death, childbirth, retirement, career changes, property purchases, divorce and grandchildren to name a few.
  • Entrusted with significant moments in our client's lives our relationships grow to a deep connected authentic understanding.

Our Values

  • Honest and trusted advice.
  • Committed to understanding your needs with client centric views.
  • Disciplincedresourceful and knowledgable wealth management process.
  • Intregrity is our guiding principal.

The intention is to align our core beliefs and values with your financial, personal and lifestyle goals and devise a wealth management strategy around you.

Our Clients

With over a $100M assets under management, our client base is vast. We have provided trusted financial advice to a large array of clients at varying life stages. From clients that are at the height of their earning years to many that are enjoying their retirement years. The relationships extend to children of our clients that are looking to begin their wealth management strategies, our relationships have grown through the generations with their families. Our experience lends itself to a high net worth client base but we understand there’s a process, wealth is built over time and connect with clients looking to growth their wealth.

Our Goals

Our approach starts with the question, how can we be of value to our clients? Our goal is to discover and understand your individual needs and wants. Through our discovery process we want to understand what’s important to you. Our aim is to devise a financial road map that will guide us, keep us on track and hold each one of us accountable for your financial growth. We align that with our prudent and disciplined discretionary money management as part of our wealth management strategy. We look to optimize tax planning and incorporate estate planning all in part of our holistic wealth management process. Our goal is to be your financial wealth partner.

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