Ternion Wealth Management


Wealth Management Committed To You

Ternion Wealth Management is based on the west coast of Canada where the outstanding beauty of the mountains meet the ocean in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our commitment is to provide an outstanding financial experience and provide a solid financial story that is specific to you. We want to understand why wealth is important to you and build wealth strategies that support your reason why. Each individual, families and businesses are unique and our offerings in discretionary portfolio management and wealth planning strategies are tailored to meet your needs. 

Ternion represented as a group of three defined through the pillars of our wealth management.

Our Values

  • Commit to understanding your needs.
  • Operate with integrity.
  • Provide honest and trusted advice.
  • Execute with a disciplined process.
  • Serve others passionately.

These values define how we manage our business. The essence of who we are and what we’re all about. We view these values as the principals we stand on worked into every aspect of our operations and management.

Our Goals

How can we be of value to our clients? The goal is to discover and understand your individual needs and wants. Through our discovery process we aim to understand what’s important to you. Our objective is to devise a financial road map that will guide us, keep us on track and hold each one of us accountable for your financial growth. We align it with prudent discretionary money management, optimized tax planning and attentive estate planning taking on a holistic wealth management process. Our goal is to be your financial wealth partner.


Our Clients

Our client profile is vast. We serve clients from a wide range of different life stages from established wealth built over decades during their careers ready to be passed on to the next generation, to clients that are in the accumulation phase of their life about to start a new family. Business owners in the peak years to those getting ready to unwind and pass on the torch.  Our experience lends itself to a high-net-worth client base but understand there is a process, wealth is built over time, and we connect with clients who desire to cultivate their wealth.

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