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A solid and dedicated team to take care of your financial needs

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Our team is made up of highly qualified investment professionals with many years of experience in wealth management.

We leverage the expertise of all team members to ensure our clients get the best possible financial management advice.

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Our approach

Each client is unique. That’s why we offer wealth management solutions that are transparent and tailored to your specific needs, helping you to achieve your objectives.

Our independent service gives us access to an extensive range of solutions so that we can offer you a made-to-measure plan. We recommend proven solutions, selecting leading external managers who are recognized for their solid performance and consistent track record.

Wealth management goes far beyond portfolio management. We leverage the strength of the National Bank Financial Wealth Management network to offer you a comprehensive range of related financial solutions and better serve your needs. 

What sets us apart


With more than 25 years of experience at National Bank Financial, our multidisciplinary team has the expertise required to meet all your portfolio management needs. Our objective is to achieve performance throughout market cycles. In addition to your investments, we can also offer you insurance services, financial, tax and estate planning services, and private banking services. 


We have a sound understanding of the markets and access to the full range of products available, allowing us to select the best portfolio managers in the world and build a portfolio that’s customized to your needs and financial objectives. With credentials including the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designation and Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute, the highest honour in the financial services industry, you can rely on our integrity and competence.


We’re committed to making your life easier and offering you peace of mind. All requests are handled quickly in order to ensure complete satisfaction. From the simplest to the most complex needs, we have the capacity, experience, and skills to respond effectively.

Don’t hesitate to contact us—we’re here to support you.

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