Joshua Silmser

Senior Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager




Joshua has been working in the financial service industry for over 12 years and a Wealth Advisor at National Bank since 2013. Since joining National Bank, Joshua has attained his Certified Investment Management designation (CIM) and became a member of the firm’s Portfolio Manager group with the ability to invest on a discretionary basis for clients. Joshua joined with Stuart Hall in 2014 to form the Hall-Silmser Wealth Management Group.



Joshua began his career in accounting where he obtained his Chartered Professional Accountant designation (CPA, CA) from a global accounting firm. He has experience working with a wide variety of clients from small business owners and individuals, to large public corporations. While in accounting he was able to forge strong relationships with his clients in order to deliver exceptional service. Along with gaining valuable communication skills, Joshua’s experience provided a fundamental understanding of financial literacy and taxation. It is these invaluable skills that are paramount to helping clients achieve their most important goals and objectives.  



Joshua received a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen’s University studying finance and accounting. He has a young and active family, which keeps him busy with various athletic and creative pursuits in addition to his involvement in the community.