Mark Owen

Our expert team is here to meet your financial needs.

Personalized support

Mark has spent over two decades providing his clientele with financial comfort by ensuring they are well-positioned to deal with market changes.

He is a trusted source of investment information, delivering his nightly broadcast on CHEX TV Peterborough, where he brings clarity to daily market movements and comments on special situations that arise in the economy.

Our Expertise

Mark is licensed to deal with stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and is insurance licensed meaning clients have full-accessibility to products and strategies required to meet their specific situation.

His expertise in wealth management, asset allocation, and retirement planning means he support his clients through their complete financial journey. 

What our clients can expect

Our team is committed to providing a holistic wealth management service to our clientele through the following steps:

A blue circle with hands shaking inside.

1. Introductory communication to identify the client’s
profile and financial plan

A blue circle with a graph showing investments inside.

2. Analysis of existing portfolio or life insurance products

A blue circle with a calculator with finances on it inside.

3. Recommend solutions for the financial plan including the utilization of our partners within National Bank.

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4. Ongoing portfolio monitoring relative to client objectives and financial plan.

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