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Stephen Ford

Senior Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager

As a Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager, Stephen has been providing an elite level of service and advice to his clients for over 25 years. His emphasis has always been on overall wealth management while working diligently to ensure his clients and their financial well-being is his number one priority.

As well as being a Notary Public, Stephen holds qualifications and accreditations in many different areas of the financial services industry. He takes great pride to ensure his clients and their families receive the highest level of service and advice possible with their financial planning matters.

Stephen and his group have over 100 combined years of service in the financial services industry. They are always ready and pleased to assist their clients in all capacities.

As someone who believes strongly in building relationships, he can confidently use the terms friend and client interchangeably.

Tel : (416) 507-9186

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