Our 3 Step Offering

Get answers to all your financial questions from
our dedicated  team of specialists.

1. Step 1 - Your Discovery Meeting

We meet virtually or in person to identify and understand your core financial story. What is important to you and your family relationships. We provide investing consulting during this discovery meeting. We will provide a snapshot analysis of your current financial blueprint.

  • UNDERSTANDING your financial goals, potential obstacles and preferences
  • IDENTIFY your interests
  • GATHER your documentation
  • OPEN dialogue on all aspects of your financial wealth


2. Step 2 - Your Wealth Planning

We present a recommended Asset Allocation with a Tailored Investment Plan specific to your unique needs. You will receive a custom built plan that will include each of these items:

  • Wealth Enhancement (Tax & Cash Flow Planning)
  • Wealth Transfer Consultation (Effective Wealth Transfer Solutions)
  • Wealth Protection (Solutions for risk mitigation, legal structures and transferring risk solutions)
  • Giving Back Strategy (Whether it be to your family or philanthropy)


3. Step 3 - Our Commitment To You

We review the actions in your plan.

  • Initiate the financial plan
  • Phase in the investment recommendations
  • Review our concierge services to illustrate you can monitor our progress

Our Ongoing Active Strategy - We Help You Navigate Your Wealth Options

  • Regularly scheduled emails, reviews and in-person meetings
  • Monitor progress according to the plan
  • Adjust the plan and investments when needed
  • Inform you and your trusted contacts (accountant, lawyer) of anything you should be aware of
  • Collaboration with a team of professionals ~ Wealth Advisors, Legal, Tax Insurance Specialists 

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