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Allan Green, Senior Wealth Advisor at the Sidney B.C. branch of National Bank Financial, has been in the Investment Industry for over 20 years. In fact you could say that Allan has been “involved” in the industry for over 40 years as he did his first investment transaction in 1972 at the age of 14, when he bought gold bullion bars at $36.00 an ounce and sold them the following year at a substantial profit as gold was allowed to float to a market price.

Allan currently manages in excess of $370 million in personal and corporate client assets. His commitment to exceed industry educational requirements and standards and his dedication to his clients is recognized in his designation as Senior Wealth Advisor, which in turn recognizes his long and distinguished track record of building his business through consistent, conservative investment advice. Allan has also been recognized by National Bank Financial (NBF) as being among the elite of the firms Wealth Advisors by his appointment to the Presidents Club.

Allan is dedicated to the process of individualizing his advice to each and every client and their unique and individual needs. In assessing a client’s current investment strategy and financial needs, he first establishes the client’s investment objectives, risk tolerance and investment time horizon. This ensures an investment strategy that fits the client’s profile. From there, he suggests an appropriate investment mix that will ensure that their objectives and goals are met. This may result in a traditionally tailored portfolio or a managed investment portfolio. Many of Allan’s clients rely on Fixed Income to fund their retirements and they enjoy the benefits of his solid dividend yielding conservative portfolio strategies. Allan also utilizes NBF’s Ambassador Program to provide access to some of the world’s leading investment managers for foreign exposure and corporate accounts. To compliment the value he provides as your Wealth Advisor, Allan has access to a large group of professionals within NBF and the community to assist with your legal, insurance and estate needs.

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Our purpose - Our Values

OUR CLIENTS deserve and desire to be treated with respect, with dignity and care. The same level of care we would exhibit with a member of our family.

OUR CLIENTS are looking for a personalized level of service which suits their personal style and their individual needs.

OUR CLIENTS are best served when their investment needs are discussed, their risk tolerance is analyzed and their objectives are identified and clearly documented.

OUR CLIENTS are best served with investments that are conservative in nature, of high quality and with very few exceptions, pay a dividend.

OUR CLIENTS are in need of a total wealth management approach which can help them to meet  all their financial needs, whether it be legal, accounting, estate, insurance or portfolio management.

What makes us stand out

WE BELIEVE  in taking a conservative, long term approach to Portfolio Management with a focus on dividends, wealth preservation and overall wealth management.

WE BELIEVE we are not here for the quick trade.

WE BELIEVE in buying quality dividend paying equities and fixed income products for the long term.

WE BELIEVE our goal is to assist our clients in all matters that pertain to their financial well being, thus the term Wealth Management in our title

We treat our clients like family,  or as my mother often said, “treat others as you would like to be treated”.

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