Wealth Management

 "Any goal without a plan is just a wish." 

    - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Our role is to know you well and understand your needs 

The management of your assets requires a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach. Our multidisciplinary team has been working in the industry for more than a quarter century and we are surrounded by professionals whose expertise complements our own. 


As wealth managers, we ...

  • wish to be your first contact for all aspects of your financial plan
    • investments
    • loans
    • taxation
    • financial security 
    • succession
  • work as a team with our experts in related fields to help you realize the projects that are important to you


  • filter the wide range of available investments to select the optimal combination for you; promote capital protection by investing in quality and diversified securities, taking into account their tax efficiency and the attributes of the various accounts (RRSP, LIRA, RESP, RDSP, TFSA, cash/margin account). 


  • Structure your portfolio to meet your objectives by controlling the level of risk and rebalancing it periodically.


  • Help you develop good financial habits so that you can achieve the financial peace of mind you desire.  



Helping you and your family

Advantageous family pricing

Our wealth management consulting platform "my Wealth" offers you optimal pricing by taking into account the consolidated billable assets of your family. Everyone wins while respecting the confidentiality of your information. 

Diversified and sophisticated investment management

Our independent selection of investment vehicles, our discpline and our objectivity allow us to build robust portfolios that offer protection and growth of your capital. By delegating day-to-day decision making to us, our management becomes more agile and allows us to seize opportunities when they arise while keeping a cool head during turbulent times. In this regard, it is good to remember that...

"the reed bends but does not break"!

 - Jean de La Fontaine, The Fables of La Fontaine, The Oak and the Reed


Wealth Management is everyone's business

Wealth management involves making your assets grow, but also organizing them to anticipate the different stages of your life: wedding/common life, birth of a child, change of job, divorce, retirement, death, etc. You are unique and so are your projects, your aspirations and the management of your wealth, which is why our multidisciplinary team offers personalized solutions to each of its clients. We accompany our clients and their families one financial decision at a time, throughout their lives. 



Discover how we can help you...

  • Financial plan
  • Customized savings strategies
  • Tax planning (RSP, RESP, TFSA, ect.)
  • Turnkey management portfolio
  • Banking and financing solutions
  • Financial coaching for children and grandchildren

  • Retirement planning
  • Planning for retirement withdrawals
  • Timing the request of government pensions
  • Your income options at retirement 
  • Transitioning away from your business
  • Your company pension options
  • Change of job, options offered by the employer when you leave

  • Mandate in case of incapacity
  • Income in case of illness or disability
  • Protect family income upon passing of a family member


  • Estate planning 
  • Your will and trust
  • Preserve your capital

  • Planned charitable gifts
  • Private foundations
  • Charitable donations of securities 


Quarterly Summaries


The quarterly summary is prepared by our team and published 4 times a year, in January, April, July and October. It is a must read for all our clients who entrust us with the management of their investable assets as we present the main changes we have made to our model portfolios during the quarter, our views on economic trends and the impact they have on our investment decisions. 

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