Home Country Bias

Spring 2021, by the CIO office (NBC)


It is more prudent to invest most of your portfolio in companies domiciled at home and thus of greater familiarity than to "risk it" with foreign corporations. 


While predominantly investing in domestic equities might seem sufficient and feel comforting, such a portfolio could, in fact, be just the opposite. Do not confuse familiarity with safety. 

For instance, Canada's stock market's high concentration in some of the most cyclical sectors and its relative lack of growthoriented companies poses a risk that can result in unpleasant surprises if left undiversified.

The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities abroad to complement for such risks. After all, Canadian stocks only represent 3% of the global equity investment universe... a far cry from the ~45% they account for in Canadians' portfolios*. Home bias indeed!

 *Estimate base on an average from "Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey" for 2014-2018.

 (data via Refinitiv)

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