Are GICs a Risk-Free Alternative? 

Spring 2021, by the CIO office (NBC)


Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) offer a risk-free alternative for investors seeking to at least preserve the purchasing power of their assets.


GICs are indeed among the safest investment vehicles available. However, their returns, while guaranteed, generally fail to cover inflation, leaving their holders at risk of seeing their purchasing power decline over time. 

It should be specified that this observation is a reflection of the low interest rate environment prevailing over the past several years. For instance, although a 1 year GICs provided income above inflation in the 1990s, this has not been the case since 2009.

Ultimately, the selection of an investment vehicle depends on risk tolerance - GICs may therefore be the right choice for some. However, a key risk for investors whose investment horizon is measured in years may not be the short-term volatility of other assets, but rather the potential erosion of their purchasing power over the long run. 

 (data via Refinitiv)

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