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Myths & realities

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In this quarterly publication, experts from the CIO Office of National Bank Investments examine and demystify several popular investment beliefs. This guide to the market and economic trends is a reference for active investors.

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Innovative analysis and economic trends

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Stimulate your thinking with discussions from our passionate experts on the lookout for economic updates. Dive into articles and videos that redefine the trends of the industry and our society.

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Economic Impact

In order to help keep you informed and stimulate your thinking with regards to the current financial context, Stéfane Marion and Denis Girouard take a look at economic news and share their perspectives via our monthly informative videos.

Property Perspective

In this series of capsules hosted by Nancy Paquet, our National Bank specialists decode the latest trends in the real estate market, including interest rates, the resale market and forecasts for the coming months.

Federal Budget

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Our experts at National Bank Financial Markets provide their insights and commentary on this year's federal budget.

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Education for investors

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Discover a bank of educational articles offering advice on all aspects of your finances: savings, investments, insurance, budget, taxes, estate planning, etc.

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Investing Guide

Guide investing. For your questions, we're here.

This reference guide contains a wealth of practical information and tools to help you plan your projects. Download it to your desktop to enjoy all the features.

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Women’s Finances

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Take action for women’s financial future today

Ladies, improve your financial well-being with our Invest in you series. What’s on the menu? Articles and lectures that cover a wealth of important concepts - beyond money - to get you through every event in your life with confidence. 

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