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Get quick and easy access to all your account documents: trade confirmations, prospectuses, portfolio statements and tax slips.

3 reasons to choose online services


  • Access all your documents as soon as they become available
  • Access all documents in the same place
  • Documents stored for 7 years


  • Perform advanced searches by date, account, transaction and more
  • Adjust the font size to make it easier to read


Reduce your environmental impact: Only print the documents you need

You are in charge

Change your delivery preferences

You can change your delivery preferences for any document at any time. After you sign in, click the Electronic Services tab, then select Electronic Documents.

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Access all your documents online and enjoy the interactive features reserved for National Bank Financial Wealth Management clients, such as stock market quotes and market news.

Our mobile site goes wherever you go

With our mobile site, you can quickly access your investment portfolio on your smartphone. You will be able to track your portfolio, consult assets details and obtain real-time quotes.

Overview of the site

Account summary

Access all the information you will need to manage your investment portfolio.

Asset details

View all your portfolio details as at the day's date, including the book value and market value and your unrealized gains and losses.


View a history of transactions for one or more of your accounts over a given period.

Current orders

Monitor your accounts and check the status of pending transactions and instructions, such as funds transfers.


Get quotes, review market summaries, keep up with financial news and manage your watchlists.

Funds transfers

Make RRSP or TFSA contributions, transfer funds from your bank account to a brokerage account and vice-versa and convert currencies.

Accessing the mobile site

To use our online services, you'll need a username and password. Sign up now by clicking here.

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