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3 good reasons to choose our online services 

Get quick and easy access to all your account documents: trade confirmations, prospectuses, portfolio statements and tax slips.  

It's convenient

  • Get access to your documents as soon as they’re available
  • Get them all in one place
  • Consult your old documents, which are stored for 7 years

It's user-friendly 

  • Carry out advanced searches by date, account, transaction, etc.
  • Find your account roots, set your homepage and select the accounts to be displayed by default

It’s environmentally conscious

  • Reduce your environmental footprint: view your documents and only print and save the ones you want
  • Choose which documents you want to access electronically and those you would prefer to receive by mail

The National Bank Financial digital experience 

Discover the National Bank Financial digital experience 

Track your investments and market trends on National Bank Financial's easy-to-use, intuitive and accessible platform.

Ready to learn more about the National Bank Financial digital experience?

National Bank Financial's cutting-edge online platform is easy to use, intuitive and accessible to all. What’s more, we’re constantly working to make it even better.

Since the platform is linked to National Bank’s other platforms, you can get a customized view of all accounts in your portfolio. You can view your asset classes, currencies, transaction history and advanced charts whenever you want, all from your mobile device or computer. 

Getting a detailed overview of your portfolio or transferring funds to your brokerage account has never been easier! 

You can also track market trends from anywhere, create real-time watch lists to monitor stock performance and consult reports from top analysts, including National Bank Financial experts.

Because accessibility to information for all is a priority for us, our app was designed with keyboard accessibility in mind. 

You can configure the app to suit your preferences, personalize your accounts, choose your home page and select the accounts you want to be displayed by default.

To reduce your paperwork and environmental footprint, sign up for electronic documents via your online account. With just a few clicks, securely view your portfolio statements, trade confirmations and tax slips in PDF format, 24/7. 

Keep up with market news from the comfort of your home with National Bank Financial's online platform.

Make your account more secure with single sign-on

Why using single

How to obtain your single sign on user ID?

Informative capsules to show you how

Our informative capsules are a step-by-step guide to using our online services.

Benefits of our online services 

Our online services give you quick access to your investment portfolio from your mobile devices. You can track your portfolio’s performance, view your assets in detail, transaction history, and much more.

Overview of the information 

Account summary

Consult the value and details of your investment portfolio.

Asset details

Get an up-to-date comprehensive picture of your portfolio, including the book and market values as well as unrealized gains and losses.


Select a date range and get a history of all transactions for one or more accounts.

Pending orders

Efficiently monitor your accounts and check the status of your pending transactions and instructions, such as funds transfers.


Get stock quotes, view market summaries, read the latest news and manage your watch lists—it's never been easier!

Funds transfers

Transfer funds from your bank account to your non-registered brokerage account or line of credit. Or schedule periodic transfers.

View analyses from industry-leading experts

Learn about market trends and stocks from National Bank Financial analysts.

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How to access our online services  

If you’ve never used our online services, you’ll first have to register to get your username and password. You can do this by signing up today.

We're here to help 

Still haven’t found the answer to your question in our informative capsules? Speak with one of our experts.


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