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The Carpe Diem equity basket is primarily invested into blue-chip North American companies that produce long-term income, dividends and growth.  The basket is discretionary and actively managed in 24 diversified large cap holdings. The asset allocation is approximately 35% Canada, 55% US, and 10% International.

The Canadian equity basket is invested into 24 blue-chip, Canadian companies that produce long-term income and growth. 

The Global equity basket is invested into 24 blue-chip, US listed companies that produce long-term income and growth. 

Please refer to the attached Carpe Diem Canada and Global links for further information on the baskets diversification and large-cap holdings. 

Jeffrey Scoten was awarded the National Bank Financial Wealth Management Regional award of excellence for portfolio management excellence in 2018. This distinction exemplifies the very best risk adjusted returns for client portfolios. 

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