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When trying to navigate life's financial transitions, their complexity and unfamiliarity are often too overwhelming to handle alone.  That's where we can help.  We're more than just your financial advisor, we're your partner and guide to help you through life's financial transitions. We provide perspective, expertise, and empathy to help you understand your options and build confidence in your ability to handle these transitions.  

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Wealth Advisor

I remember being 15 years old boarding a bus for a hockey tournament and my father handing me five twenty-dollar bills.  I thought I was rich!  Once seated on the bus, reality kicked in and I quickly realized I needed this "food money" to last me six days.  As our trip began, I sat in my seat creating my plan to make it last.  This is my first memory of a money lesson learned.  While at university, I saved and invested my own money from the job I had and gave advice to friends to save and invest their money too.  These experiences helped me understand that my professional life would be dedicated to helping others make better decisions with money. 

I’m a CFP®, Certified Financial Planner, who loves working with families as their guide to help them navigate life’s financial transitions.  I specialize in working with dentists, physicians and women who are the primary decision makers in their families.  I believe my superpower is asking great questions, and asking enough of them, to understand and connect with the families I work with.  

In my free time, I enjoy coaching girls’ hockey and volleyball, and sit on the investment committee of St. Thomas University.  I live in New Maryland, NB with my wife Meaghan, and am a devoted father to two daughters, Mariama and Olivia.

Marie Ho

Wealth Associate

Marie plays an important role with the team as a Wealth Associate.  Her voice may be the first one you hear when reaching out as she is the primary point-of-contact for facilitating a vast range of administrative matters for the team.  She is relied upon for her high attention to detail and strong follow-through.  She also values the relationships built with clients over the years and finds it one of the most fulfilling parts of her work.

Away from work, she enjoys hitting nearby towns and cities to soak in the different neighborhood landscape alongside her husband, Paul and daughter, Gabby. 

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