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Our Financial Research Department is recognized by experts as one of the best in Canada. Every day, our Economics and Strategy Team monitors the news and analyzes events that could affect financial markets and your investments.

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Daily Market Review

Read our daily commentaries for an overview of the performance of key markets, currencies and interest rates.

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Weekly Economic Watch

This publication keeps you posted on a wide range of economic and financial indicators affecting the local, North American and global markets. It includes brief commentaries on economic and financial news items.

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Monthly Report

Each month, we publish a review of global and North American economic news. It includes forecasts based on key economic and financial indicators. Talk about it with your advisor and ask their advice on your investments.

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Economic and Financial Outlook

This publication, which is updated twice a year, provides an overview of the global economy. It also includes our forecasts based on key economic and financial indicators, as well as in-depth analyses of the different factors that can affect your investments.

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Investment Strategy

This quarterly publication keeps you updated on the global economy. It will help you make informed investment and wealth management decisions. It also sets out our asset mix recommendations for various model portfolios and our economic forecasts.

Investing Guide

Is a comprehensive resource filled with valuable information to help you stay ahead in the constantly evolving world of investing. It is published annually.

Download it to your desktop to enjoy all the features.

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