Mentorship for young women students

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Kick-start your professional career

Are you a student who is passionate about finance and people? Have you considered becoming a wealth advisor? Our mentoring program for women gives you hands-on experience in the field.

A dynamic people-focused career

“The economic power of women is growing quickly. And with this, comes the need  for more wealth advisors to provide clients with personal financial advice.

The number one requirement to be a successful wealth advisor is interpersonal skills, and women are naturals at building relationships.

Our focus for the last decade, has been to build the next generation of female wealth advisors with our Young Women Student Mentorship Program. Today we have partnerships with over 42 universities across Canada and have mentored almost 200 students to date. We're proud of the impact we're having on our industry and in our communities.”

Tania D’Iorio, M.B.A.

Manager – Practice Management

The mentorship program at a glance

During the mentorship, you will attend:

  • Professional workshops
  • Skills building webinars
  • Engaging business discussions
  • Motivational speaker sessions to help you grow

The Mentorship program has two parts:

1) Attend the Mentorship kickoff virtually with a panel of Women Advisors hosted by National Bank Financial which will be held end of September. 

2) Be paired with an experienced mentor (Fall to Spring).

Mentorship Program includes:

  • Two-hour meeting, once per month for a duration of nine months. (in person close to your university)
  • Take part in networking and business development activities
  • Attend meetings with professionals in the investment industry


Get to know more about the program and meet mentors and mentees.

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I've learned skills and developed habits that I would've never been able to by simply attending class. This program has taught me to take the initiative to enhance my university experience and the start of my career by growing beyond the classroom. Most importantly, this mentorship experience has reminded me why I am passionate about the financial industry and what I am capable of.  

Madeline Martinho – mentee 2023, now a Sales and Trading Analyst, National Bank Financial Markets


My mentor helped increase my confidence and taught me about Wealth Management which I decided to pursue by joining a team at National Bank Financial. 

Maria Belevitina - mentee 2020, now a Wealth Associate, National Bank Financial 


I feel so much more confident that I am on the right path in terms of my career goals. I am moving forward from this experience excited and optimistic about the future. 

Josie Lo Mascolo - mentee 2021, now a Wealth Associate, National Bank Financial

The Ideal Candidate:

The ideal target for the National Bank Financial Young Women Student Mentorship Program is:

  • Female (or identifies as a female) university student (either undergrad or graduate).
  • Interested in the wealth management industry, and the role as a wealth advisor.                                                                      
  • Enrolled as a student during the mentorship period (fall to spring).
  • Available in person, in your region for two hours a month, for a nine month period starting in the fall.


Questions about our Young Women Student Mentorship program? Connect with the program leader.

Tania D’Iorio, M.B.A. 

Manager – Practice Management

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So, what’s next?

After attending our mentorship program, here’s what life as a woman in wealth management could look like for you.