Women in wealth management

National Bank Financial has established itself as the brokerage of choice for women in wealth management.

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The benefits of working at NBFWM

  • Putting our advisors first

    We make it a priority to foster a women-inclusive work environment. Our aim is to help our wealth advisors reach their professional and personal goals.
  • Women’s Symposium

    National Bank Financial welcomes its female wealth advisors from coast to coast for this pivotal two-day event designed to provide a platform to network, develop, and help reach their goals.
  • A supportive environment

    Enjoy access to our wide range of support teams and management who work side-by-side with our wealth advisors to help them grow and evolve in their role.  
  • Flexible work model

    Make your schedule and benefit from the flexibility of working from both home and office to best fit your needs.
  • Parental leave

    At National Bank Financial, no advisor ever needs to choose between their family or career. Thanks to the personalized and innovative programs that will help you enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • Mentorship program

    Help guide the next generation of women in finance with our mentoring program designed to provide hands-on experience with valuable workshops, webinars and networking opportunities.

Insight from our female NBFWM advisors

Learn more about how our female wealth advisors are stepping up and growing their businesses.

Lori Vooys: Support and freedom

Sabrina Flint: Client focus & technology

Joining a team that cares

“Women possess a distinctive talent for forging meaningful connections and nurturing profound relationships with clients. Empowering our female wealth advisors allows us to amplify the strength and resilience to drive our economy forward. This is why at National Bank Financial, we value the importance of female wealth advisors and provide programs that support them in their professional and personal lives.”

Jonathan Durocher

President, National Bank Financial Wealth Management

Women’s finances

A place for you to secure your financial independence as a woman

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British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Atlantic Canada


Little details that matter

For our team, what made NBF the destination of choice was that it was the least “bank-ey” of all of the banks. It gave us tremendous freedom to run our business in the way that we had always done and that we felt was right for our clients with lots and lots of support and almost no interference. We couldn't have asked for anything better.

NBF has been the best place for me to build my business. We have a supportive management team. Who are proactive and dynamic, and we have an entrepreneurial culture that is focused on providing advisors with the tools and resources that we need to best service our clients. If we don't have the tool already in existence, NBF has been creating them for us. Best of all, NBF has a strong focus on developing women advisors and supporting us in our careers. We have a women's symposium that happens once a year for advisors across Canada, and we also have a young women's mentorship program that partners with universities across the country to help young women exploring our field.