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Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager

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Jack Walkey IV's life journey. His story is truly inspiring, demonstrating how a combination of early exposure to finance, academic achievements, a successful athletic career, and a dedicated transition into the wealth management industry has shaped his personal and professional life.

Here's a summary of his journey:

  1. Early Introduction to Investing: Jack Walkey IV's interest in investing was sparked at a young age when his father, Jack III, invested his summer earnings in Molson's Brewery shares. This early exposure likely played a significant role in shaping his financial interests.
  2. High School Passion for Stock Market: In high school, he realized his ambition to become a stockbroker, and he even wrote an essay titled "The Stock Market Crash of 1987," demonstrating his early interest in financial markets.
  3. Education at the University of British Columbia: Jack attended the University of British Columbia, where he earned a degree in Arts, majoring in Economics and Political Science. This education provided him with a strong foundation in financial and economic concepts.
  4. Rowing at the Varsity Level: On the advice of one of his sisters, Jack took up rowing while at UBC and rowed on the varsity team for four years. This experience not only helped him stay physically active but also allowed him to develop teamwork and discipline, which are valuable qualities in both sports and finance.
  5. National and International Rowing Career: After his time at UBC, Jack moved to Victoria to pursue rowing at a high level, eventually joining the Canadian National Rowing Team. He had a successful rowing career, representing Canada in various competitions, including University Games, Commonwealth Games, World Championships, and the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games. This experience taught him the value of dedication and hard work.
  6. Transition to Wealth Management: Jack brought his dedication and discipline from rowing to the wealth management industry, spending 25 years with National Bank Financial. This career choice aligns with his early interest in the stock market and allows him to apply his financial knowledge and expertise.
  7. Passing on the Passion: Jack's delight is evident in the fact that his children, Jack V and Grace, have followed in his footsteps by investing in stocks and joining the Walkey team with summer internships. This showcases his commitment to financial education and passing down his knowledge to the next generation.

Jack Walkey IV's life journey is a unique blend of finance and sports, highlighting the importance of passion and dedication in both areas. His experiences in rowing and finance have likely shaped his values and approach to his professional and personal life. It's clear that his commitment to financial education and passing down his knowledge to the next generation is a significant part of his legacy.

Lenka Cepeova

Wealth Associate

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Lenka is a vital member of our team, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as a licensed investment representative with a keen focus on administration. Her commitment to ensuring a seamless experience for our clients is second to none.

Lenka's responsibilities are both broad and essential. She skillfully assists clients with a wide range of administrative matters, including account opening, managing monthly income disbursements and funds transfers, coordinating registered account contributions, facilitating account transfers, overseeing fixed income maturities, addressing various statements and accounting queries, and managing online services, as well as handling all other documentation-related matters. Her attention to detail and dedication to her work shine through in everything she does. She is also fully licensed to trade securities, adding another layer of expertise to her impressive skill set.

Originally from Slovakia, Lenka embarked on her Canadian adventure in 1993 when she moved to the beautiful province of British Columbia. Since 2005, she has proudly called Victoria her home. Her multicultural background is one of her many strengths, as she is not only fluent in her native Slovak and English but has also mastered Spanish, broadening her ability to connect with a diverse clientele.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Lenka is a devoted mother to her teenage daughter, Gracie, and a keen advocate for staying active and healthy. She's a dedicated fan of the Peloton bike, ballroom dancing and long walks, all of which reflect her passion for life. 

With over a decade of experience in the industry and her ever-cheerful disposition, Lenka is an invaluable asset to our team. Her dedication to providing top-notch administrative support ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service and care.

Wealth Associate

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Taryn is a seasoned financial professional with a wealth of experience, having dedicated over a decade of her career to National Bank Financial. Her journey in the financial industry began back in 1997, starting at RBC Dominion Securities. With a brief stint at Canaccord Genuity in between, she honed her skills and knowledge, establishing herself as a reliable and trusted expert in the field.

Not only is Taryn licensed to trade on behalf of our clients, but she has also gone the extra mile by obtaining her Wealth Management Essentials course certification. This enables her to prepare comprehensive retirement plans and projections for clients, offering them not just financial security but peace of mind as well. She excels at helping clients navigate their financial futures, offering valuable suggestions to help them meet their goals.

Taryn thrives in the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of her job. The financial industry is one that demands constant learning and adaptation to keep up with industry changes and a diverse range of financial products. She relishes each unique client situation as an opportunity to provide guidance and support. Her primary objective is to simplify her clients' financial affairs, whether it's handling daily administrative tasks or working on more detailed, goal-oriented planning. Taryn's focus is on assisting clients in a timely and accurate manner while nurturing strong and lasting client relationships.

Beyond the office, Taryn is a dedicated mother to two sport-minded teenagers, with her son recently graduating and her daughter navigating high school. Her love for an active lifestyle extends to her personal life. She enjoys taking leisurely rides on her bike, taking long walks in the great outdoors, and seeking out new areas of town to explore and discover. Taryn's dedication to her work and her passion for life outside of the office make her a well-rounded, dependable, and approachable financial associate.







Sima Sepahi


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Sima has been a dedicated professional in the financial industry since 2000. Her journey in the financial world began with Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, where she initially contributed to the Human Resources department. Her relentless pursuit of excellence led her to explore various roles within the company, including branch operations, before ultimately taking on the role of Branch Administrator in 2006.

She and Franco Zava, Wealth Advisor, joined National Bank Financial in 2012.The dynamic duo has been working collaboratively ever since, providing top-notch financial services to their clients.

Recently, Sima extended her scope by joining the Walkey Advisory Group, where she assists clients with essential administrative matters. Her responsibilities include account opening and ongoing documentation requirements, facilitating account transfers, managing online account access, and contributing to marketing efforts. Her attention to detail and efficiency makes her an invaluable asset in this role.

Sima's life journey has been a global one. In 1996, she relocated with her family from Iran to Australia, and by 1997, they had found a new home in Canada. Since 2006, Sima has called Victoria, British Columbia, her beloved home.

Sima's multicultural background and upbringing in Iran have gifted her with fluency in both Farsi and English, enabling her to connect with a diverse range of clients.

In her personal life, Sima is a proud mother to her son Camron and an adventurous spirit. She finds joy in activities such as CrossFit, camping, recreational flying, and immersing herself in the great outdoors, accompanied by her partner, Will.

Sima's commitment to excellence, multicultural fluency, and her passion for life make her an exceptional professional in the financial industry, a dedicated mother, and an individual who embraces the beauty of life's adventures.

Shauna Pengelly


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