Videos by The Filipiuk Group

Is Inflation Still a Concern in 2024?

In this week's video, we discuss the factors domestically and internationally that could keep inflation levels elevated in 2024.

The Pivot in Markets and the Gold Price

In this week's video, we give an update on the recent rally in markets as well as the all-time high in gold.

5% Bank of Canada Interest Rate

In this week's video, we discuss the decision by the Bank of Canada to hold the official interest rate at 5%, as well as the broader implications of the series of past rate hikes on the Canadian economy.

Central Bank Digital Currencies

In this week's video, we do an introduction to central bank digital currencies and the implications of its possible implementation.

World Economy Impact on the Real Estate Troubles in China

In this week's video, we explain how turmoil in Chinese real estate is affecting the rest of the world.

The Preferred Shares Market Opportunity and Breakdown

In this week's video, we explain how The Permanent Portfolio approach is helping us offer strong yields to our clients by utilizing the preferred shares market.

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