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Our process

“Getting clear answers starts with having the right conversation”.

Tell us about yourself and what you are looking for. What are your expectations, intentions and plans? First things first, we need to make sure our offer and your needs are a good fit. 

Together we’ll clarify your objectives and the means selected to attain them, keeping in mind your investment experience, knowledge and tolerance for market fluctuations.  

We assess your financial situation together.  We’ll look at your portfolio as it stands today, the risks already built in, and any misalignment between your objectives and your current holdings.

We provide you with a written analysis comprised of findings and recommendations, which we will then discuss in depth.  

We’ll advance to the executional stage only when there is full comfort and confidence with the approach and the financial improvement it affords.


“Our main area of activity is the sound management of the investments you place with us. To do so, we need a comprehensive view of your overall situation.”

We seek financial enrichment using a step-by-step approach:

  • Ask the right questions to evaluate the bigger picture.
  • Make projections and outline possible future scenarios taking into account your ability to save and/or your need to receive a regular income.
  • Engage in sound investment management practices guided by the results of our analysis in order to create value and generate wealth over time.

Overall Perspective

  • Preliminary inventory of holdings;
  • Budget analysis and assessment of potential economies;
  • Evaluation of risk tolerance;
  • Assessment of the current tax, legal and estate situation;
  • Evaluation of existing and desired coverage (insurance, pensions);
  • Assessment of implications stemming from a major life change (family or professional);
  • Draft of an Investment Policy Statement.

Scenario Analysis

  • Retirement income projections;
  • Strategic roadmap in anticipation of future needs (major purchases, education costs);
  • Periodic review of initial projections;
  • Strategies for the protection of assets via life insurance;
  • Paving the way for a business succession;
  • Inheritance planning and charitable giving;
  • Financial planning;
  • Tax and estate planning;
  • Evaluation of various estate scenarios.

Sound Investment Management

  • Development of structured portfolios to generate regular income;
  • Development of structured portfolios targeting asset growth;
  • Development of conservative portfolios with low turnover;
  • Capital protection via guaranteed investments;
  • Investment risk analysis and management;
  • Daily monitoring of financial markets;
  • Surveillance of market trends and market outlook;
  • Selection of private or mutual fund managers according to investment style;
  • Fund manager replacement as required and rebalancing of portfolios;
  • Performance monitoring, account statements and tax information packages.

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