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October 2021 – While we have seen fixed income securities tighten up going into the fourth quarter, our Canadian equity exchanges have been largely spared the volatility of the American exchanges.

While some believe that we have witnessed the peak in year over year inflation, there is no certainty as inflation remains clouded by both transient and structural factors.

As we ride the gradual decline of the supportive monetary policies to a pre-pandemic status quo, policymakers continue to straddle a widening gap between the aforementioned inflation, and waves of economic surprises. To this end, there is an underlying expectation of increased volatility and modest returns going into 2022.

Please see the asset allocation strategy as provided by our research team for more in-depth information.

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In order to help keep you informed and stimulate your thinking with regards to the current financial context, Stéfane Marion and Denis Girouard take a look at economic news and share their perspectives via our monthly informative videos.

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