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Ag Business and Farm Families

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The MacDougall Wealth Management Group understands the unique demands, challenges, and opportunities of managing a farm and working in agriculture. There roots are embedded in the industry.

Together, we develop a multi-dimensional wealth plan focusing on your priorities and addressing your concerns. It focuses on designing the right succession strategy to minimize tax, secure a well-funded retirement, and create a legacy to be proud of.

MWMG - Condo Program

The MacDougall Wealth Management Group's condo program caters specifically to the unique needs of Condo Corporation Reserve Funds.

Adhering strictly to the permissible investments as outlined within the Province of Alberta Condominium Property Acts, investments are managed to provide long-term capital appreciation while maintaining sufficient liquidity to accommodate both planned and unplanned expenditures.

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MacDougall Team Condo Corp Program

Contact our team specialist, Kit Richmond, for specific information.

Family Business and Entrepreneurs

Over the next decade, there will be significant intergenerational wealth transfer, with approximately US$30 trillion passing from baby boomers to 90 million millennials (1). In many cases, this requires the need for comprehensive family wealth services.

The MacDougal Group partners with families to provide integrated solutions to preserve wealth and support future generations. We believe the best way to transfer wealth is rooted in a foundation of financial literacy, open discussion, and honest communication.
Our Group serves clients who represent a mix of multigenerational families from business, farming, and professional backgrounds. We proudly services multiple 4th generation families.

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