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Our team believes being patient and acquiring high-quality investments are the keys to long-term financial success. Our approach is aligned with National Bank Financial - Wealth Management's commitment to meeting all of our clients' needs. 

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Whether you are a client or a prospect, and whatever your financial management needs, we are here to offer you personalized support. 

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Our Philosphy

Wealth Management is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process that will last throughout your life. Our Wealth Management Consultative Process is designed so that right from the beginning of our relationship we ensure that we completely understand what you would like to accomplish and how we might best be able to serve you. As we continue through the process and throughout our relationship with the client, we continue to update the plan and adapt it so that as the client changes so too does their plan.

We define Wealth Management as the equation below:

WM = IC + AP + RM

Wealth Management = Investment Consulting + Advanced Planning + Relationship Management


Investment Consulting is the astute management of investments over time to help achieve financial goals. It requires us to deeply understand your most important goals and then to design an investment plan that takes into account your time horizons and tolerance for risk. It also describes the approach that will maximize your probability of achieving your goals.

Advanced Planning goes beyond investments to look at all other aspects that are important to your financial life. We break it down into four parts: Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Transfer, Wealth Protection and Charitable Giving.

Relationship Management is the final element. True wealth managers are focused on building relationships within three groups. The first and most obvious group is with you; to address your needs  and to do so effectively, we must foster solid, trusted relationships with you. Second, Wealth Management Consultants must manage a network of financial professionals – experts we can call into address specific client needs. Finally, Wealth Management Consultants must be able to work effectively with your other professional advisors, such as your lawyer and accountant.

Consultative Process

  • Our initial meeting is what we refer to as our Discovery Meeting.  We believe that at this meeting, our goal is to learn more about you personally and what is important to you.  We believe that as your advisor we have the pleasure of being included in this important piece of your life and our goal is to help you achieve the “story” ending that you always wanted.  We believe that the more we understand you and the experiences you have had the better able we are to assist you on your journey.

  • At this meeting, we’ll present a comprehensive synopsis of your current position and review recommendations for how we can help you achieve your goals.  This plan will form the foundation for your entire Wealth Management process.  While you may be eager to implement the plan immediately, we’ll wait until you have had time to thoroughly review it.  We are looking for a lifelong relationship, so we want to be sure you’re completely comfortable with every step of our process and our recommendations moving forward.

  • Studies have conclusively shown that how you allocate your investments is the biggest determinant of investment results.  Market timing and stock selection are far less influential in achieving long term results.  In fact a 1991 study determined that over 90% of investment results were attributed to asset allocation.  Based on this research we feel, it is important that asset allocation is the first investment decision.  During this process, we decide how much of your portfolio to invest in each of the different investment types, or asset classes, including stocks, bonds and short term investments, both domestic and foreign.  This Investment Policy Statement will be the document we continually refer to in order to help us make day-to-day decisions about your investments.

  • Once we have committed to maximizing the probability of you achieving your financial goals we will prioritize which areas we will focus on first and establish a timeframe for addressing the other areas that have been identified.  As needed, we will consult with our team of Wealth Management experts to gain additional insights. In order to stay on track with the Wealth Management Plan we schedule regular progress meetings at a time convienent to you. At these meetings, we will follow up on each of the identified areas and determine if any new items have arisen.  We call this the Progress of Advanced Planning which helps us to review your plan and stay on track with our goals.    

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