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At Johnstone Wealth Management Group, we are passionate about our clients and their wellbeing - both personal and financial - and need to fully grasp their particular aspirations and what motivates them.

Our approach is a consultative one. To craft a sound Investment Plan and long-range Wealth Management Plan that cut a clear path to your financial goals, we first have to know your family and your business as well as we know our own. To achieve this, you can count on us investing our time up front with you over a series of meetings. We will work intimately with you to establish achievable timelines and develop roadmaps together that keep your financial objectives at the forefront.

And through it all, chances are we will discover a wider range of goals that require a broader, comprehensive outlook. That's why our client relationships become about so much more than just investments.

What we have to offer

When Johnstone Wealth Management Group commits to helping you take care of business, we know what we are talking about. Not only are we a family-focused wealth management and investment firm with extensive business experience, our own famillies have a history of entrepreneurs. So, we “get it” and understand the importance of finding reputable and reliable professionals whom you can trust to manage your financial affairs.

Well established and deeply rooted within our community, we have become that comforting arm around your shoulder. Our reputation is based upon our integrity, involvement, expertise, and our longstanding engagement with our clients. Indeed, our clients are not just like family, they have become family.

What you can expect

As effective wealth managers, we deliver investment and financial expertise, and also have the ability to address your advanced needs including legacy planning, wealth transfer, asset protection, and philanthropy. To ensure optimal outcomes, we will draw upon our network of professionals who have deep experience and knowledge in specific areas, as well as your other advisors such as lawyers and accountants.

Our approach

Then, frankly, we dig in... and put our efforts and combined expertise to work in developing targets that respond to the unique demands of your personal and financial goals, thereby turning your ideas into action.
You can expect us to communicate regularly, do what we say, consistently monitor results, and revisit your plans with you as your needs change over time. Johnstone Wealth Management Group has been built on integrity, trust and the strength of its relationships… because we know that acting in your best interest is always in our best interest.

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