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Why Johnny Cheung?

Aligned with the National Bank’s commitment to meeting all of its clients' needs, Johnny Cheung and his team bring over 20 years of experience in the investment industry to developing wealth management strategies that are personalized, respect risk tolerance and provide stable income. But beyond this, they invest their time and energy into getting to know each of their clients while providing value-added services that cater to their unique financial and lifestyle needs.  

Our purpose

Our team believes being patient and acquiring high-quality investments are the keys to long-term financial success. Our approach is aligned with National Bank Financial - Wealth Management's commitment to meeting all of our clients' needs. 

What is Wealth Management?

Here are the 5 key components of wealth management:

  • Financial Planning
  • Discretionary Investment Management
  • Wealth Protection
  • Business Solutions
  • Retirement Planning

Financial Planning

To manage your wealth, you need a solid financial plan, and that’s where we come in. Our goal is to determine and meet your life goals by customizing a plan that will provide you with:

  • Actionable items to pursue in order to take control of your finances
  • Ongoing communication and updates
  • Coherent and transparent processes that provide you with peace of mind
  • Assurance that your financial goals will be met to the best of our ability

Developing your Financial Plan

  • Determine your Goals
  • Identify Opportunities and Risks
  • Know when to Review
  • Decide on Specific Actions
  • Gather Information

Discretionary Investment Management

Our lives are busy. Staying on top of your financial portfolio while responding to market changes and opportunities requires an ongoing commitment. That’s where discretionary investment management comes in. By authorizing Johnny Cheung to look after your buying and selling decisions, he and his team can work hard to ensure you are always maximizing your opportunities and minimizing your risk. 

Discretionary Investment Management is all about Accountability

  • Following Best Practices
  • Being Cost Effective

Following best practices:
With the added support of National Bank Financial and its compliance department, which monitors all performance, activities, securities, and investment policy statements, you can rest assured in knowing that all decisions are being made according to industry best practices.

Being cost effective:
Our discretionary investment management fees are fully transparent, representing a fixed percentage of your portfolio— rising as your assets increase in value and falling if there are setbacks. This fee-based relationship provides you with the assurance that your wealth advisor will remain focused on your best interests and not the cost of a transaction. And remember, in most cases, portfolio management fees for taxable non-registered accounts are fully or partially tax deductible.*
*National Bank Financial is not a tax advisor and clients should seek professional advice on tax-related matters.

Wealth Protection

Insurance can help protect your family from the unexpected and maximize your estate for the enjoyment of your heirs. Our team can customize a solution specific to your needs, including:

Our focus on wealth protection:

  • Finding Tax Shelters for Valuable Family Assets
  • Providing a Business Succession Plan
  • Preventing Loss of Income due to Illness
  • Preserving Wealth for Future Generations

Insurance products and services are provided by NBF Financial Services (NBFFS). NBFFS is not a Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). Insurance products are not protected by the CIPF.

Business Solutions

The ongoing success of your business is an integral part of your personal wealth objectives. Our team can offer a variety of business-planning solutions to maximize the ongoing financial health of your business:

Being Strategic with your Business Planning

  • Individual Pension Plans (IPPs)
  • Business Protection Planning
  • Business Succession Plans
  • Estate Planning Strategies

In addition, we can provide you with access to the resources and services of the National Bank, one of the leading commercial banks in Canada. Its extensive global network is devoted to the timely creation of innovative solutions that simplify and advance a client’s business.

Retirement Planning

Whether you're just starting to give serious attention to building a substantial retirement nest egg or you’re looking for ways to derive the maximum retirement income from your savings, Johnny Cheung and his team will work with you to create the right retirement plan.

With access to an array of products offered by National Bank Financial, clients have can choose from a full spectrum of registered retirement accounts:

  • Individual Pension Plans (IPPs)
  • Locked-in Retirement Income Funds (LRIF)
  • Locked-in Retirement Accounts (LIRA)
  • Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIF)
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP)

The information and opinions herein are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to give specific legal, financial, accounting, tax, investment or estate-planning advice. National Bank Financial has taken the necessary measures to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information contained herein. It does not, however, guarantee that the information is accurate or complete, and it creates no legal or contractual obligation on the part of National Bank Financial.

Insurance products are offered through NBF Financial Services by licensed insurance agents. NBF Financial Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank Financial. The information herein is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to give specific tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor to find out which strategies suit your tax situation. National Bank Financial has taken the necessary measures to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information contained herein. It does not, however, guarantee that the information is accurate or complete, and it creates no legal or contractual obligation on the part of National Bank Financial.

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