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Our unique approach to Portfolio Management

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Our approach to Portfolio Management is truly unique and is what sets us apart. Like any element of personal finance, we start with getting to know the client, what they need, and their tolerance for risk.

Once we have identified the client’s unique set of considerations, we take the time to build their portfolio to suit their individual account structure and tax situation

All of our client portfolios are based on models that are constructed by Holyk Doran Wealth Management’s investment committee. Simon and Bryan are licensed PM’s and are constantly engaged in discussion about developments in all markets and associated outcomes.

When an idea is presented, it is filtered through a number of internal and external screens and the final investment decision is not confirmed until every member of the investment committee approves the transaction.

This committee approach is common in institutional setting, but it is rare for individual investors to have access to this level of resources.

Our investment committee’s philosophy is to ensure proper diversification and focus on not just “returns”, but “risk adjusted returns” - Maximize the upside of the portfolios in the context of limiting the downside. This is an important distinction about they way we approach investing. 

Simplifying your life

Good planning starts with identifying your objectives and a 360-degree analysis of your financial situation. The next step is an action plan and recommendations aimed at helping you achieve those objectives within the context of earning, spending, saving, investing.

Whether you want to save for your retirement, ensure your estate is in good order, plan your children’s post-secondary education or embark upon a significant project, we can propose the best course of action for success in meeting those goals.

Financial Planning

Everyone can remember their first pay cheque. The realization that you now had your own money to spend on whatever you wanted! Then you realized that if you spend every paycheque when you get it, you never have the money for the bigger ticket items.

Then those bigger ticket items become more important to you and you can borrow money to make them a reality… but then you owe! These realizations are part of maturing financially. Some people move through life learning as they go, which is okay, but our belief is that there are too many considerations in a lifetime of maturing financially to not have a plan.

Retirement Projection

The Retirement Projection is a simplified version of the Financial Plan for those that can say with confidence what they will be able to save from year to year. It considers only the savings side of the financial plan and not the spending.

It’s a useful tool for forecasting what funds will be available at different stages of your life based on certain assumptions for savings and investment returns.

Estate Planning

To ensure your protection in the case of incapacity, as well as the financial security of your loved ones after your death, the creation of an estate plan is an essential activity.

In building your estate plan, we consider your objectives, the list of your wishes and beneficiaries, the needs of your heirs, and minimizing the tax burden. With the help of our local experts, our team can help you build an estate plan suited to your situation.

Risk Management

As part of the financial planning process, it is essential to manage risks so you can grow your wealth more easily, maintain your standard of living during retirement and pass on part of your assets to your heirs.

In managing your risk, we consider protecting your loved ones throughout your life or through an unexpected loss and protecting your wealth through transitions.

Mortgage Optimization

In Vancouver, like in many Canadian cities buying a house may be the biggest investment of your life and likely comes with a good size mortgage. Real estate in fact almost always involves leverage in the form of a mortgage.

Given the scale of these loans, even the slightest adjustment in the rate that you are paying can translate into a difference of a huge dollar amount at the end of your mortgage term. Call us for a quick assessment of your current mortgage and we’ll see if we can improve your savings.

Tax Planning

Some Canadians may shell out more money paying taxes over their lifetime than they spend on their home or even raising their kids. Thus, certain tax planning strategies may constitute an important part of portfolio return.

As we often say, saving a dollar of tax is sometimes more impactful than earning an extra dollar. Talk to us about what tax structures are suitable for your circumstances and how we structure our portfolios to optimize tax.

Charitable Giving

Giving to charitable causes is not always simple for wealthy individuals. But, with a careful strategy, you can be assured that your contribution will last and will be tax efficient.

We will help guide you through the areas you need to consider such as the structure of the donation, how the funds will be distributed and how your estate will be taxed.

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