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"We have unique and in-depth experience to support your organization in its financial challenges"

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Is your organization struggling with the following situation?

› You do not have an investment policy or it is no longer in harmony with your financial reality

› Your yields are low and you are looking to improve them

› You are looking for help to implement a process to supervise your investments

For better governance of your investments

Imagine Canada - an organization that works in collaboration with NPOs - has developed a series of standards fromwhich NPOs must draw inspiration in order to ensure better governance.

Among these, STANDARD B.8 dictates the broad outlines of the relevance of having an investment policy. The fiduciary duty, diligence, ability and knowledge.

Directors in conducting the investment policy is essential to ensure sound asset management.

Our investment process

Mission of the organization and investment objectives

Your mission and your budgetary reality will determine the appropriate investment strategy to adopt.

Investment constraints

Guaranteed investments? Ethical titles? Exchange-traded funds? Your constraints will help frame your investment process.

Investment horizon

Your investment horizon will be important in determining the risk profile you are looking for.

Asset allocation

Breakdown of your assets with fixed targets between Fixed Income, Equities and Alternative Assets

Portfolio implementation and performance review

Establishment of the portfolio according to the agreed parameters and in accordance with the investment policy. Periodically, a performance review will be carried out.

Reporting and follow-up

At all times, your investment reports are available while periodic follow-ups will be scheduled.

Our range of investments

  • GIC
  • Bonds
  • Stocks
  • Mutual funds
  • Exchange-Trade funds (ETF)
  • Institutional Managers
  • Alternative investments

Your financial support

  • Banking offer for NPOs (National Bank)
  • Funding for NPOs
  • Planned giving
  • NBF External Referral Program: A New Source of Income
  • Risk Management for Administrators
  • Group programs for your employees with CABN

Let's talk about your organization

It is with a tailor-made strategy that it will best meet his mission

Testimonials from organizations

"As a growing charity, our challenges are significant. Thanks to his well-adapted service offer for NPOs, Jean Philippe and his team have been able to give us the necessary tools to improve governance in the management of our assets while providing us with valuable operational leverage with the management of our securities donations."

- S. Bourbonniere, Executive Director, Fondation le Chainon

"Since 2014, Jean Philippe has presented himself as a loyal collaborator for our organization. His proactivity, the quality of his interventions and his continuous support have been beneficial elements for the achievement of our financial objectives. Over the years, he has also been involved in our  mission."

- S. Zein, Controller, Portage Foundation

"Over the past few years, the management of our portfolio has evolved well under the leadership of Jean Philippe. His many follow-ups and suggestions have allowed our organization to maintain returns that are in line with our objectives."


"The financial guidance offered by Jean Philippe has enabled our organization to improve its investment management and we note that other dimensions relating to our needs have been addressed: Planned giving strategies, collective programs for employees, optimization of our cash management"

- P.S Fondation Le Support

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