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Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)

  • Capital 100% guaranteed at maturity,
  • Fixed and guaranteed rates,
  • Over 30 issuers eligible for CDIC deposit insurance

Extendible Flex GIC

  • Capital 100% guaranteed at maturity,
  • Resale possible to the Bank on a daily basis,
  • Diversification of interest-rate risk

Market-linked structured notes

  • Capital protection through barriers of up to -50%.
  • Resale possible to the issuing bank on a daily basis
  • Higher return potential than GICs

Guaranteed Investment Certificates rates (GICs)

Here are the best rates1, 2 of non-redeemable GICs for the current month.

June 17th, 2024

Guaranteed products

Gross rate offered1-2-3

1 year GIC


2 year GIC


3 year GIC


4 year GIC


5 year GIC


The rates are subject to management fees and will impact the gross rate shown

Rates subject to change - without notice - according to market conditions.

Each of these issuers is guaranteed by Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) up to $100 000.  

Negotiated rates and short-term or redeemable maturities are available for tranches of $500 000 and above.

Extendible Flex Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC)





Capital protection

Sales  period  

Extendible Linear Accrual Flex GIC, series 49F

15 years (if not called)


Potential accrual amounts:

7.10% | 14.20% | 21.30% | 28.40% | 35.50% | 42.60% | 49.70% | 56.80% | 63.90% | 71% | 78.10% | 85.20% | 92.30% | 99.40% | 106.50%

Extendible annually

100% capital protection at maturity

Opening June 19

Closing June 21

Issuing June 28

Market-linked structured notes





Capital protection

Sales  period  

NBC Auto Callable Contingent Income Note Securities linked to the Solactive GBS United States 500 Hedged to CAD Index 2% AR, Class F

7 years

(If not called)


Solactive GBS United States 500 Hedged to CAD 2% AR index

7.50% p.a. contingent coupon interest paid monthly

Coupon threshold: -40%

Callable monthly if equal or above 10% (starting after 6 months)

 Maturity Barrier: -40%

Begins June 14.

Until June 27.

Issued on July 5.

Some important details on Flex GIC:

  • Principal invested on the issue date guaranteed by the Bank at maturity
  • Fixed Return applicable on the Call Valuation Date if the Benchmark Portfolio Return is equal to or greater than the 0% Redemption Threshold (AutoCallable)5
  • On the initial maturity date or on extended maturity dates, the Bank has the option to extend the maturity annually up until the final maturity date1
  • These GICs pay an annual fixed interest payments. (Extendible with coupons)
  • Interests on the Extendible Linear Accrual Flex GIC are accrued in the product and not paid until maturity or redemption by the bank
  • Liquidity: can be sold back to the Bank on a daily basis, subject to normal market conditions
  • Initial value is not guaranteed when sold back to the bank by investor during the term
  • Eligible for CDIC deposit insurance
  • Management fees are to be expected

Some important details on Income Buffer notes:

  • Callable monthly if index returns are equal or above the call threshold of initial level after the 5th observation date 6
  • No capital loss at maturity until the buffer is breached
  • Management fees are to be expected

Mortgage rates

Are you currently in the process of negotiating your residential mortgage?

Here is the National Bank¹ promotional offer you could benefit through National Bank Financial – Wealth Management clients offer. 

Example for a $250 000 loan with a disbursement date before August 1st, 2024:

June 2024

Fixed 1-year


Fixed 2-year


Fixed 3-year


Fixed 4-year (promo)


Fixed 5-year (promo)


Variable 5-year (promo)


Find out what our financing expert can do for you.

Learn more about our financing solutions2, 3 for your new purchase, mortgage renewal or refinancing.

Unified portfolios

Image of graphs representing the returns of unified portfolios.

Thanks to the diversification of its portfolios and management expertise, unified portfolios present competitive returns with risk management that is at the center of the concerns of the investment process.

Take advantage of portfolio management best practices to benefit from:

  • Guidance, strategy, and direct supervision from a team of experienced managers and seasoned strategists
  • Professionals involved on a daily basis to ensure that the strategy is well executed
  • A fund selection process that ensures the best investment ideas are in your portfolio
  • diversification that uses several asset classes including alternative assets
  • An optimal combination of management styles and asset classes
  • fusion of expertise and experience

Flow-through shares

Several tax shelters are available to reduce the tax burden imposed by tax law. Among these, flow-through shares are a way of optimizing a taxpayer's tax efficiency.

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  1. Certain conditions apply. For details and conditions of the offer, please contact your advisor.
  2. Rates subject to change - without notice - according to market conditions.
  3. Rates are subject to fees.
  4. Financing solutions are subject to credit approval by National bank.

To qualify for the mortgage transfer offer, you must make your payments from a National Bank account. 

  1. The special offer on the variable rate corresponds to the base rate - spread (%), which is updated monthly. The offer cannot be combined or cumulated with any other benefit, offer or promotion applicable to National Bank mortgages, and is not retroactive.  
  2. APR as of 12-05-2023. APR stands for "Annual Cost of Borrowing Rate" and represents the amount of interest and fees charged by the Bank, in the form of a rate on an annual basis. 
  3. Rates may differ if amortization exceeds 25 years. Contact an advisor for more information. 
  4. Certain restrictions apply.



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